The Only Mashed Tater Recipe You Need

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and even though there’s about a million different ways to make mashed potatoes there may not be a more essential side dish on the menu. Everyone’s got their own little tweaks. Some keep the skins on and some don’t. Some use sour cream and some use cheese. Some mash it thru a fine sieve and the rest of us don’t have that much time on our hands.

This is not a fancy, artisan; hipster incarnation of what should always be a decidedly un-fussy type of side. This recipe is for straightforward, creamy, buttery, garlicy mashed goodness. It’s not at all good for you, but that’s kinda the point. Believe me, I’m all about eating well, but once this starchy deliciousness becomes healthy…freedom is dead and the terrorists win. It’s Thanksgiving. Do yourself a favor and indulge in this rich pillowy goodness. Continue reading