Gary Clark Jr. – House Of Blues, Orlando 2/20/16

Muddy Waters.  Chuck Berry.  Buddy Guy.  BB King.  Eric Clapton.  Jimi Hendrix.  Stevie Ray Vaughan…Gary Clark Jr.

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, every music generation has had their blues heroes, innovators and saviors.  For the current generation of musicians that have been searching and starving for that next true bluesman, Gary Clark Jr. has staked his claim to this lofty perch.  Now, this isn’t exactly breaking news at this point of his continually blossoming career.  Some version of this statement has been said, written, and celebrated countless times before.  So, why say it again?  Well, one cannot fully grasp the absolute truth of that lofty statement until they’ve seen this man live and in person, and on a perfect Saturday evening in Central Florida, the proof was in the pudding…or rather, his viciously raw and dirty, yet smooth and crystalline texture of a guitar tone that knows no bounds. Continue reading