Chili, Because It’s…Well…Chilly

As my friends up in the Northeast can attest to…it’s winter.  The struggle is even oh so real down here in the FLA.  It got down in the mid 30’s last week (GASP!!!).  I know.  Cry me an ice cube tray of frozen tears.  Regardless if it’s a Class-5-Kill-Storm or a Florida-frost-warning-freakout, this is the time of year when all you really want at the top of your list of food choices are whether or not said meal will take the chill out of the bones.  Not too many would argue that there’s no better food to help in that endeavor than a good ol’ bowl of chili.  And in the interest of keeping our meal choices figure friendly this time of year, I’ve decided to go with a White Bean Chicken Chili recipe that will not only warm you up and satisfy your appetite, it won’t have you using those leftover gift cards from Christmas to buy larger clothes. Continue reading


When Life Hands You VIP Seats…

Full disclosure. I’m not a huge NBA fan. But when your wife is given 2nd row seats (on STAR WARS NIGHT mind you) and access to the VIP Lounge (aka: Fields Ultimate Lounge), you say “Let’s Go Magic” and throw on a blue T-Shirt. You also take full advantage of the free food n drink. You also stumble across the “make your own nachos/hot dog bar” in said VIP Lounge and make yourself a Chili Cheese Dog with Sauerkraut and Pulled Pork. It’s what our forefathers would have wanted. #murica