Pork and Pepper Jack Sammich!!!

Still have some of that pork left? Good. It’s sammy time.

I came up with this one by trial and error. Different rolls, different cheeses, different accoutrements, etc, etc, etc. Let’s keep it real though. You could just put this pork on a shoe covered in cheese and it would still be good…but I digress…


  • Leftover Pork Tenderloin
  • Pepper Jack Cheese
  • An Apple
  • Mango Chutney (Store bought. Not worth trying to make this stuff.)
  • Ciabatta Rolls or Onion Rolls (Or whatever type of bread you want. It’s your damn Sammy.)


Slice whatever roll you’ve got in half and give it a light toast. Just enough to warm it up and give it a little crunch. Too much toast and you’ll wreck the roof of your mouth and the contents of your creation will fall out. Your day will be ruined and lives will be altered forever.

While your roll crisps up the proper amount, portion up that perfect pork into nice thin slices and warm it up in the microwave. In the meantime, take your apple and cut some very thin slices to place on top of the sandwich. These need to be thin or else the entire structural integrity of your sandwich will be compromised and you’ll end up just like “Too Toasted Bun Guy”.

Once your roll is ready, slather on a generous amount of the mango chutney (both sides) and put half of the pork on the roll. Now, add a slice of pepper jack and get the rest of that meat on there while it’s still hot. Place another piece of pepper jack on top of the pork, add your thinly sliced apple on top of that, and cap it off with the top half of your roll.

I suggest cutting your sammich in half to aid in maximum consumption, but it’s not required. Again, it’s your damn Sammy. Enjoy it however you damn well please!



It’s a sandwich, so let’s not overcomplicate things. Grab yourself a can of “Shift Pale Lager” by New Belgium Brewery and enjoy. And if you can’t find New Belgium where you live, then you need to move (I mean seriously, I think they even sell this on Mars now). The slightly sweet intro goes really well with pork’s affinity for sweet flavor accompaniment. A crisp hop-based finish helps clear the palate for more deliciousness.


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